Best Funny Father’s Day Quotes, Jokes By Swag Kids

Let’s do something different this Father’s Day. Father’s Day Message, SMS, Quote, etc. is now a trend, but why not try something new like Best Funny Father’s Day. If you wish the same then here we have some cute funny father’s day quotes for your to wish your father―“Swaag se karenge Baap ka Swagat”.

Every father aspires that his child should inherit some of his qualities. But time reveals that qualities are not only good but also bad; hence both are inherited in the child.

So this line fits suitable for all those sons and daughters who want to convey this to your father.

My father used to think that I’m useless until my mom once yelled “Tum pe gaya hai pura ka pura”

Every family enjoys vacations, family trips, outings. But the next line in this article will reveal a big secret of your beloved father.

Our family outings were mostly on beaches and I thought my father is a water lover but now as my brain has gained its senses I know what my father loved.

Best Funny Father's Day Quotes
Best Funny Father’s Day Quotes

The next line will not actually impact your father but someone who has a powerful father.

Someone: “Pata hai mera baap kaun hai?”

Me: Jo bhi hoga pachta raha hoga!

Now, this is really for a mean friend of yours.

So-called friend: “Apne baap ke paise pe itna mat udd”

Me: My father his business my business none of your business.

To be honest, fathers having daughters are always the lucky ones. But did anyone ask him about his opinion? Here it is…

Future Father-in-law: What is your profession?

Daughter’s Father: I am gardener!! I planted the seed, watered it with education, nourished it with wisdom, protected it against all evil dogs and now your son is taking the fruit.

These were some of the famous father’s day quotes that may add a pinch of salt this father’s day. So guys do wish your superhero a very happy father’s day 2019 and make him feel special. Someday this will pay you off a good fruit.

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